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Valle de Tintos

Who we are

Valle de Tintos is a Mexican winery founded in Ensenada, BC by Alvaro Romero and his wife, Nicole Martain.

This project starts in 2013 with only 7 barrels, and three varietals: Cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and sangiovese, which together ended up forming icon of the winery “Su Reserva” a mix inspired by the creation of a cult wine.

What We Do

In 2014, Valle de Tintos became a formal wine company, expanding its range of labels, and creating a complete line of high quality wines, expressing sincerely the personality and characteristics of each varietal. Currently, its production reaches 4500 boxes.

The winery works with five of the main valleys of Baja California: San Vicente, Santo Tomas, San Antonio de las Minas, Valle de Guadalupe and Tecate, representing a large part of the Baja California territory.

They are not only produce excellent wines, but also wines that will leave you memories every time you open one of their bottles.

Where We Are

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Address: Calle 10 #385 Manchuria, 22760, El Sauzal, Baja California, Mexico
Phone: +52 (646) 174-1545